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Production and Copacking Services

• Shrink wrapping and assembly of special offers.
• Product labeling and conditioning.
• Packaging, re packaging.
• PDQ pallet assembly for club stores.
• Lotified printing with video-jet technology.
• Printing of barcode labels, EAN-13, DUN 14, content, etc. 

Storage and distribution

• Storage of finished product.
• Inventory control (product management in the MAS system). 

Value added

Operations with:

• Continuous improvement and total quality program.
• Quality incidents, action plans and monitoring by the QAD.
• High efficiency and productivity.
• Traceability system.
• Installations with GMP's.
• Top technology.
• Up-to-date statistical control and information systems. 

Storage with:

• Productrotation (FIFO).
• Sectorization and batch control.
• Storage on specifications. 

Good manufacturing practices

• Training.
• Written procedures.
• Leadership.
• Pest control.
• Maintenance.
• Control of process.
• Traceability.
• Facilities.
• Operations audit.
• Customer service.
• Continuous improvement. 

  Good practices  

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